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Orange arrow How to register with JewelryRoom?

  Please kindly come across, on the further left side of the page, there is "Click" for "Register" and you can easily register then own your JewelryRoom account. VIDEO: How To Register (Click Link) >> *And kindly pa...
Orange arrow How do i change my password?

  To modify your personal profiles, you have to log into your JewelryRoom account first. You can click on the following link to log in And then you will find there is a “MyAccount” session on the top of the page, then you will able to change your personal de...
Orange arrow I find there is a “Buy it now” session in my JewelryRoom account, what is it?

  On our selected customers, we may recommend him/her a similar matching jewelry at a very special price. For instance, if a customer won a ring in an auction, we may offer him/her matching earrings. Customer will then be able to have his own option about whether to buy the earrings now or disregar...
Orange arrow How much do I need to pay for a second chance offer?

  For customer’s sake, we offer a Second Chance for some items personally, which makes it feasible for customers to purchase the items that they are interested in which they may have missed in the auction. Consequently, the price will be a little higher than the bid price. Second Chance Offer...
Orange arrow Pending items disappeared, but I still want to purchase them, what should I do?

  Please kindly note that there will be payment time limitation. After 4-5 days of winning the bid, the items may be automatically deleted from the shopping cart. Please do not worry, if the items are still available, we could replace back to your shopping cart. To recover removed item(s), please...
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Orange arrow I have more than two orders on my account, how can I combine them in order to save shipping fee?

  Please kindly note that all the shipment will be under the arrangement of our shipping department and shipping combination is automatically done by our system. You can check with the table below for your reference: Date of Payment Date of Dispatch Friday/ Saturday/ Sunday ...
Orange arrow I received emails from you, but when I click on check out button in the emails, it does not allowed me to do so.

  I would like to inform you that when you proceed for payment you will have to login to your account, click on my shopping cart then you will be able to see all your winning items (kept in your shopping cart for up to 4 days). Click on “CHECKOUT” button and then you will have to fill in...
Orange arrow What is the $500 unpaid limit showing in my account?

  Once all expired won unpaid auctions accumulated to $500. Your account will be temporarily closed for any bidding until you have contacted us through eTicket ( FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS HOW TO RESOLVE – EXCEEDED $500...
Orange arrow I accidentally submitted a bid and won the auction, but I do not really want to purchase the product currently. Can you remove the item from my shopping cart?

  Please note that it is not available to remove these items from your shopping cart. You can submit a request to us via email or Live Chat and request to remove the item. (You are kindly advised to contact us after the auction is closed) Customers will be able to remove items from their own shopp...
Orange arrow Why have my pending items been taken away from my shopping cart? I won them a few days ago.

  Please note there is a time limt of payment for all won auctions. All won auction best to complete payment immediately to secure your goods. Won items will be held for 84 hours before auto remove from your shopping cart. Please note: If frequently accumulating unpaid won auction may result suspen...
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Orange arrow When will you ship out my order?

  If the items you have paid are not Second Chance offered items, normally we will ship out the parcel according to this form below Date of Payment Date of Dispatch Friday/ Saturday/ Sunday Monday Monday/ Tuesday Wednesday Wednesday/ Thursday Fr...
Orange arrow I am annoyed with lots of emails sent by your company, how to stop receiving them?

  Sometimes we sent emails to customers because we want our loyal customers to be informed with the newest updates and we want to offer customers better service by doing so. If you do not really want to be updated, you can easily find there is a UNSUBSCRIBE area at the very bottom of every email sen...
Orange arrow I have tried to bid on something and I get a notice saying that the "bidder has a higher auto bid", what is auto-bid?

  "Auto Bid" is one of our services. Thanks to this system, customers are able to have a chance of paying at lower prices than the highest one that they are willing to. Customers can submit the highest price, while only the lowest ammount above the bid restriction is displayed online. And the fin...
Orange arrow How can I track my parcel?

  To get your tracking number, please kindly login to your account and view shipment updates for tracking numbers. You will then be able to track it on the relative websites. USPS: UPS: ARAMEX:

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