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Orange arrow How does Automatic Bidding work?

  When you place a bid, you enter the maximum amount you're willing to pay for the item. The seller and other bidders don't know your maximum bid. The system will place bids on your behalf using the automatic bid increment amount, which is based on the current high bid. The system will bid only as m...
Orange arrow How much do I need to pay for a second chance offer?

  For customer’s sake, we offer a Second Chance for some items personally, which makes it feasible for customers to purchase the items that they are interested in which they may have missed in the auction. Consequently, the price will be a little higher than the bid price. Second Chance Offer...
Orange arrow I won a bid yesterday, I just wonder how much time do I have before paying for it?

  Won Auction: Please note there is a time limt of payment for all won auctions. All won auction best to complete payment immediately to secure your goods. Won items will be held for 84 hours before auto remove from your shopping cart. Second Chance Offer: These are optional purchase, it is an item...
Orange arrow I do not have Paypal account, what else can I pay with?

  Paypal is a well known online secure payment system, it's also free to open an account >> If you do not have Paypal account, you may complete payment using your credit card or Debit card (Sign-up NOT required) Sorry, we do NOT accept any kind of checks or money order...
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Orange arrow I didn't win this, but received a second chance offer? Do I have to pay?

  Second Chance Offer is optional, it is an item that you bid on but did not win. This is a special buy for customers who has missed or did not win item as desired. We have the item availble in different store location therefore may take slightly longer with delivery time. You can go to "MyAccount" ...
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Orange arrow Do I have to pay for duties & taxes?

  Yes, each customer is responsible for their own country customs fees, duties & taxes for all shipments outside of the United States. Please be familiar with your local customs laws for duties & restrictions. As we sent the order from our country to your shipping address. And when the item...
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Orange arrow What is coupon code, how to use it?

  We offer coupon code to customers in some special occasions, such as promotions & giveaways. Customers can apply the unexpired coupon code to their next purchase. Here are some details for applying coupon code: 1) The coupon amount must be lower than the subtotal of the next invoice (Be...
Orange arrow What are the payment methods?

  We accept all major credit cards and PayPal. You will find it’s simple & secure with our payment methods when you check out an order. Please note that we do not accept any kinds of checks; such as Personal checks, Money Order, Company Check…etc...
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Orange arrow How much do I have to pay for shipping?

  All Diamond Exclusive & D.E.A. Products & Promotions: $50.00 for International - $25.00 for Canada - $20.00 for USA $5.25 per additional item added in same invoice Shipping cost for USA (Except Diamond Exclusive & D.E.A. Products & Promotion): $10.00 First item (Non Diam...
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Orange arrow What is Buyer's Premium?

  It's a Buyers Auction Fee for any standard auctioneering activities. This adjustment will cover the cost such as sourcing products, utilizing & posting the auction and managing services, payment collection & services and other request fulfillment. Unless otherwise stated in the auction, ou...
Orange arrow Do I have to pay for all won auctions?

  Yes, all won auctions shall be paid. As a friendly reminder, we must monitor our customers not to have any remove cart item actions too frequently. The main reason is we want all buyers to win their favorite jewelry at their best affordable price.-->-->If a bidder plan to win an auction and not pa...
Orange arrow Your system is not accepting my payment

  There are might be a few reason why the system not processing your payment correctly, please review and confirm the listing below Have a Strong Internet connection Find a location with stable internet access Is your credit card info correct? During the processing payment, best not to interupt...
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Orange arrow I received emails from you, but when I click on check out button in the emails, it does not allowed me to do so.

  I would like to inform you that when you proceed for payment you will have to login to your account, click on my shopping cart then you will be able to see all your winning items (kept in your shopping cart for up to 4 days). Click on “CHECKOUT” button and then you will have to fill in...
Orange arrow What is the $500 unpaid limit showing in my account?

  Once all expired won unpaid auctions accumulated to $500. Your account will be temporarily closed for any bidding until you have contacted us through eTicket ( FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS HOW TO RESOLVE – EXCEEDED $500...
Orange arrow What happen if my Paypal account with different shipping address

  JewelryRoom will only ship orders to the confirmed address that was inserted during the beginning of the checkout, and NOT your Paypal account's verified shipping address (Any mismatch will cause delay for investigation or review) Please ensure you have inserted the correct shipping information du...
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