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Orange arrow How do I submit my bids for jewelries that i want to buy from JewelryRoom?

  To bid on our items, you will have to LOGIN YOUR ACCOUNT first. And then log in your JewelryRoom account, find out the product. When you are in product page, please kindly scroll down the screen to the bottom, you will easily see there is a session "place your bid here" on the left side of the page...
Orange arrow How does Automatic Bidding work?

  When you place a bid, you enter the maximum amount you're willing to pay for the item. The seller and other bidders don't know your maximum bid. The system will place bids on your behalf using the automatic bid increment amount, which is based on the current high bid. The system will bid only as m...
Orange arrow Error: 404 and no such URL address.

  If you have received such message when you click on a link, it means that the link is having some internet issue either from your local provider or possibilties from us. If you feel this maybe the case, please printscreen and contact our eTicket, one of our agent will inform our webmaster to addres...
Orange arrow I submitted a bid a few seconds before an auction was closed. I was supposed to be the winner because I thought there was no time left for other bidders. However, it turns out that 2 more minutes is

  The two more minutes is called as “Extended Bidding”. Extended bidding is a dynamic feature that allows the auction system to automatically extend the closing time, which is based on bidding activity. Specifically, if a bid is placed within the last 2 minutes of an auction, the closin...
Orange arrow How do i change my password?

  To modify your personal profiles, you have to log into your JewelryRoom account first. You can click on the following link to log in And then you will find there is a “MyAccount” session on the top of the page, then you will able to change your personal de...
Orange arrow I find there is a “Buy it now” session in my JewelryRoom account, what is it?

  On our selected customers, we may recommend him/her a similar matching jewelry at a very special price. For instance, if a customer won a ring in an auction, we may offer him/her matching earrings. Customer will then be able to have his own option about whether to buy the earrings now or disregar...
Orange arrow How much do I need to pay for a second chance offer?

  For customer’s sake, we offer a Second Chance for some items personally, which makes it feasible for customers to purchase the items that they are interested in which they may have missed in the auction. Consequently, the price will be a little higher than the bid price. Second Chance Offer...
Orange arrow What can I do if the ring size does not fit me?

  On, the majority of the rings are in American size 7. If it does not fit you, you may consider resizing it in your local store. As another solution, you can also contact us to resize the ring for you. Below is the procedure: 1. Pay for the invoice and contact us (http://help.jewe...
Orange arrow What do you mean by “bankruptcy & liquidation”, are the items on your site brand new?

  The meaning of “Liquidation & Bankruptcy” is that we buy items from closeout retailers at extremely low prices. All the items are brand new since we offer 100% satisfaction guarantee, (shipping fee will be covered by customers). Furthermore, we process all our jewelry through test...
Orange arrow I won a bid yesterday, I just wonder how much time do I have before paying for it?

  Won Auction: Please note there is a time limt of payment for all won auctions. All won auction best to complete payment immediately to secure your goods. Won items will be held for 84 hours before auto remove from your shopping cart. Second Chance Offer: These are optional purchase, it is an item...
Orange arrow About your retail price

  The Private Jewelry Retail (PJR) is NOT the actual statements of the value. PJR is for our company retail display during our official jewelry shows with much higher graded of gemstones of the similar jewelry. Overall, we do not comment on values because values by individuals and for each product ar...
Orange arrow I am interested in some product, but I cannot find it in your website.

  We are delighted for your interest in our JewelryRoom. You are kindly advised to check with our website regularly, because the products listed on our website are updated daily. If there are any unique jewelry that you would like to see in auction, you may submit a request to us with a few sample ...
Orange arrow I received emails from you, but when I click on check out button in the emails, it does not allowed me to do so.

  I would like to inform you that when you proceed for payment you will have to login to your account, click on my shopping cart then you will be able to see all your winning items (kept in your shopping cart for up to 4 days). Click on “CHECKOUT” button and then you will have to fill in...
Orange arrow What is the $500 unpaid limit showing in my account?

  Once all expired won unpaid auctions accumulated to $500. Your account will be temporarily closed for any bidding until you have contacted us through eTicket ( FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS HOW TO RESOLVE – EXCEEDED $500...
Orange arrow I accidentally submitted a bid and won the auction, but I do not really want to purchase the product currently. Can you remove the item from my shopping cart?

  Please note that it is not available to remove these items from your shopping cart. You can submit a request to us via email or Live Chat and request to remove the item. (You are kindly advised to contact us after the auction is closed) Customers will be able to remove items from their own shopp...

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