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Orange arrow How do I submit my bids for jewelries that i want to buy from JewelryRoom?

  To bid on our items, you will have to LOGIN YOUR ACCOUNT first. And then log in your JewelryRoom account, find out the product. When you are in product page, please kindly scroll down the screen to the bottom, you will easily see there is a session "place your bid here" on the left side of the page...
Orange arrow What can I do if the ring size does not fit me?

  On, the majority of the rings are in American size 7. If it does not fit you, you may consider resizing it in your local store. As another solution, you can also contact us to resize the ring for you. Below is the procedure: 1. Pay for the invoice and contact us (http://help.jewe...
Orange arrow What do you mean by “bankruptcy & liquidation”, are the items on your site brand new?

  The meaning of “Liquidation & Bankruptcy” is that we buy items from closeout retailers at extremely low prices. All the items are brand new since we offer 100% satisfaction guarantee, (shipping fee will be covered by customers). Furthermore, we process all our jewelry through test...
Orange arrow About your retail price

  The Private Jewelry Retail (PJR) is NOT the actual statements of the value. PJR is for our company retail display during our official jewelry shows with much higher graded of gemstones of the similar jewelry. Overall, we do not comment on values because values by individuals and for each product ar...
Orange arrow I didn't win this, but received a second chance offer? Do I have to pay?

  Second Chance Offer is optional, it is an item that you bid on but did not win. This is a special buy for customers who has missed or did not win item as desired. We have the item availble in different store location therefore may take slightly longer with delivery time. You can go to "MyAccount" ...
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Orange arrow I am interested in some product, but I cannot find it in your website.

  We are delighted for your interest in our JewelryRoom. You are kindly advised to check with our website regularly, because the products listed on our website are updated daily. If there are any unique jewelry that you would like to see in auction, you may submit a request to us with a few sample ...
Orange arrow I see that a lot of your Silver jewelry says it is with Platinum. However, the item looks yellow. Since Silver and Platinum are both white, where does the yellow color come from?

  1) All our Silvers are 100% .925 Sterling Silver 2) These Silvers that were made by us are plated with Platinum for long lasting 3) Color appears to be Yellow and NOT white is because we use different technique in making yellow color to widen the choice for customers *These pieces still have the...
Orange arrow Do you issue Certificates for your Auctioned Jewelry?

  Please kindly note that we do not offer certificates of our products. A true certificate will cost $75-200 USD each, which is not affordable in our auction site. But we do post details and upload photos on the product page because we want to do our utmost to help customers knowing more about the ...
Orange arrow I received a totally incorrect item; can I return it and enjoy a free shipment for the correct one?

  We have a strict inspection before shipping so it is very rare that this kind of case would occur. If you are so unlucky that you have received incorrect items, please contact us within 48 hours upon receipt and we recommend it best if you could provide us photos to show the incorrect item with th...
Orange arrow Define created diamond on your website

  With JewelryRoom we've two type of diamonds, "Genuine" and "Created" diamond. Of course "Genuine" means it's a real diamond, but what's our definition of "Created Diamond"? Our Created Diamond is Cubic zirconia, which is a form of zirconium dioxide. It is created synthetically and is usually colo...
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Orange arrow What should I do if the item has slight difference with the photo or the description?

  We post details and upload photos on the product page because we want to help customers to know more about the product before bidding. However, due to the differences of the shooting surroundings, light, screen and so on, it is common phenomenon that there might exits chromatic aberration betwee...

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