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I have tried to bid on something and I get a notice saying that the "bidder has a higher auto bid", what is auto-bid?


"Auto Bid" is one of our services.  Thanks to this system, customers are able to have a chance of paying at lower prices than the highest one that they are willing to.

Customers can submit the highest price, while only the lowest ammount above the bid restriction is displayed online.  And the final payment will depend on the amount shown online instead of the number customer submitted in the first place.

Or if that amount is surpassed by others, our system will automatically raise the customers bidding price, all the way up to the highest one customers would like to pay. The system will  increase the bid by increments only as much as necessary to maintain your high bid position.


Increment Chart:



US$ 1.00 ------- US$ 49.00

US$ 5.00

US$ 50.00 ----- US$ 99.00

US$ 10.00

US$ 100.00 ---- US$ 249.00

US$ 20.00

US$ 250.00 ---- US$ 399.00

US$ 50.00

US$ 400.00 ---- US$ 749.00

US$ 75.00

US$ 750.00 ---- US$ 1,999.00

US$ 100.00

US$ 2,000.00 -- US$ 4,999.00

US$ 200.00

US$ 5,000.00 -- US$ 9,999.00

US$ 250.00

US$ 10,000.00 and UP

US$ 400.00

You will be quite used to this service if you are our frequent customer.

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