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How much time is allowed for payment?

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I won a bid yesterday, I just wonder how much time do I have before paying for it?


Won Auction: Please note there is a time limt of payment for all won auctions.  All won auction best to complete payment immediately to secure your goods. Won items will be held for 84 hours before auto remove from your shopping cart.

Second Chance Offer: These are optional purchase, it is an item that you bid on but did not win.  And will remain in your special cart without time limit. (Self delete option is avalible) This is a special buy for customers who has missed or did not win item as desired. We have the item availble in different store location therefore may take slightly longer with delivery time. You can go to "MyAccount" >> "BUY IT NOW" (Limited Time)

Please note: If frequently accumulating unpaid won auction may result suspension to your bidding account. Please feel free to contact your agent to resolve any similar situation of suspension. (Link to eTicket >> )

Also note, we understood if item could be the same identical item which was won in the past, our agent can kindly remove that item from your shopping cart upon your request.

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